Browser to Buyer:

A 3-Part System to Grow Your List and Boost Your Income

Live workshop from Donnie and Abby Lawson, creators of Just a Girl and Her Blog and Abby Organizes

In this new three-part live workshop, you’ll learn how to build a simple but effective marketing strategy that drives revenue 24/7, 365 days per year.


What is Browser to Buyer?

  • A simple but extremely effective and repeatable three-phase marketing plan to optimize on-site email conversions on your blog, turn those subscribers into immediate customers with a low-dollar irresistible offer, and then turn your customer into a repeat buyer
  • Includes step-by-step walkthroughs and a behind-the-scenes look into our business strategies. We don’t just tell you what to do. We show you why the strategies are effective, how to implement them, and how these strategies have personally transformed our business.
  • An immediately actionable system. This isn’t theory to implement “one day” but things you can change in your business now to maximize the potential of the traffic you already have coming to your site.

What is the workshop format and date?

Each of the three training sessions will be an hour to an hour and a half in length. The three sessions run for three consecutive days with two identical sessions each day (Since they are identical, you would only attend one of the sessions per day, though if you'd like to attend both and hear the material twice, feel free!)

The session date and times are as follows...

Class 1 - Effective Email Opt-Ins

Tuesday, March 19th at Noon & 8:30 PM EST

Class 2 - Setting Up a "Tripwire" that Converts

Wednesday, March 20th at Noon & 8:30 PM EST

Class 3 - Creating a Profitable Welcome Series

Thursday, March 21st at Noon & 8:30 PM EST

If you can't make either of the time slots on a given day, no worries! The video of the session will be immediately available to watch at a time that is convenient for your schedule.

  • This is a live workshop of a pre-recorded training. That means that we have recorded the classes ahead of time, but we will release them live with Donnie and I in the chat answering questions and interacting with you.
  • We are really excited about this new format because it will allow us to provide better video quality, more "meat" and less fluff, and it frees us up to be present and engaged with you in the chat so we can answer any questions you may have right then and there.
  • This training is going to move fast because we want to share all of the info you need while being respectful of your time-- don't worry, though! You will get to own the recordings forever so that you can go back and re-watch anything you may have missed.


I WANT IN! $59

"I loved Browser to Buyer! I finally feel clear on how to actually implement exit-intent pop-ups on my site, and why they're so powerful! It was so great learning from Abby and Donnie's hands-on experience, and seeing their exact stats on opt-ins and conversions. This course isn't theory, it's hands-on, practical help to grow your email list by leaps and bounds and create an offer to turn those subscribers into customers. I'll be referencing it over and over again as I implement more offers on my site!"

Beth Anne Schwamberger
Brilliant Business Moms

Class 1 - Effective Email Opt-Ins (Turning New Site Visitors into Long-Term Loyal Fans)

You will learn...

  • Our three part marketing system map, giving you a bird’s eye view of the overall strategy you can put in place on your site to truly take advantage of the traffic you already have
  • The two most important factors that determine opt-in incentive success, which will result in a higher number of email subscribers who are engaged and excited to learn about the topic you’re teaching
  • The shift that has happened in the past few years that has changed what the “ideal” opt-in entails, allowing you to offer the best types of opt-ins to your audience
  • Which new tools you should be using to offer your opt-in incentive in order to get the highest conversion rates
  • How to set up the technical side of the opt-in process to better connect with your subscribers in the future (saving you time and frustration!)

Class 2 - Setting Up a “Tripwire” that Converts (Fundamentally Changing the Nature of the Relationship from Browser to Buyer)

You will learn...

  • How to set up an effective “tripwire” to quickly turn browsers into buyers with an irresistible, no-brainer, time-sensitive offer
  • The key to creating a compelling offer that will be extremely helpful for your readers and result in more sales
  • The three strategies you should be using to create a highly converting landing page (and why so many people get this wrong)
  • The newest and best tools to create landing pages and deliver digital products and how to set up those technical elements quickly and easily

Class 3 - Creating a Profitable Welcome Series (Increasing the Value of Every New Customer on Autopilot)

You will learn...

  • How an automated and smart welcome series can turn brand new “low value customers” into “high value customers” and convert subscribers into customers for the first time
  • How to build trust with your readers by providing tremendous value to them
  • The exact email series we use to drastically increase sales of our products
  • How to create a profitable email series even if you don’t have your own product to sell
  • How to pinpoint weak areas in your funnel and how to troubleshoot if your series isn't converting the way you hoped it would
  • How to set up the technical side of the email series, eliminating guesswork and frustration

Your Results

At the end of the workshop, here’s what you will be able to do...

  • Maximize your opt-in offers to convert site visitors into subscribers using the best incentive strategies and latest tools
  • Turn your horde of brand new subscribers into first time purchasers using a one-time, irresistible, low-dollar tripwire, and fundamentally change the nature of your relationship forever with that subscriber
  • Quickly nurture your new subscribers and first time buyers into a trusting relationship where they are eager to purchase higher value items
  • Define a concrete metric by which you can measure success, evaluate your system, and easily make improvements where needed
  • Create a streamlined system where everything works together to convert your site traffic into loyal subscribers who love your products and keep coming back again and again
  • Repeat this system over and over again for different products and verticals on your site

For a limited time only...

BUY NOW! $59

"Browser to Buyer was absolutely fantastic! I was never quite sure how to convert Pinterest traffic, but this training really taught me a realistic, uncomplicated approach. I felt like Abby and Donnie really shared some of their trade secrets, and I could tell that they sincerely wanted to teach what is working for them. Browser to Buyer will leave you feeling inspired to set up a similar system on your blog, with the technical knowledge of how to do it!"

Unexpectedly Domestic

About Your Instructors

Hi, I’m Abby! I started Just a Girl and Her Blog on a whim in early 2013 and was quickly bitten by the blogging bug while sharing about organization and home decor ideas. I eventually recruited my husband Donnie to help, and together we have been able to turn my once-hobby blog into a thriving business that we both work on full time. (Pinch me!)

When we're not blogging, you can find us running on the local trails, testing out every playground known to Pittsburgh with our two sons Connor and Caleb, and cheering on the black and gold.


What if I can't make the live sessions?

We encourage people to make at least one of the two time options each day, but everyone who enrolls in the workshop will receive the recordings of each class to watch and re-watch as it fits their schedule.

What if I don’t have a product of my own?

If you don’t have a tripwire offer, we will show you how to make one. It’s not hard. Having a core offer of your own is great, but if you don’t have one you can offer a product as an affiliate.

What if I don’t have a blog?

You can get set up by following along with our “How to Start a Blog” article here. Even if you are at the beginning stages of blogging, this workshop can help give you a solid plan to maximize your site’s potential as you grow. We wish we would’ve used these strategies from the very beginning!

What’s the refund policy?

We have worked hard to provide tremendous value in this workshop and are providing an exclusive inside look at our business that we don't share anywhere else. Because of the "live" nature of this event, we are unable to process refunds.

Why such a low price?

This training is geared toward people who are serious about taking action and transforming their business. We have always tried to price our products in a way to make them accessible to everyone who wants to grow their blog.

Is this live workshop just an upsell to something more expensive?

Nope! There’s no upsell! This workshop is the whole strategy, start to finish-- nothing else to buy or upgrade to. Isn’t that refreshing?!

What if I have a different question?

We’d love to help! Shoot us an email at [email protected], and we will get back to you ASAP!

If you’re ready to make your blog traffic work harder for you through an automated system that will increase your income and help more people, hurry and join us for this game-changing workshop!



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