Going paperless will change your life.

That may sound like an exaggeration, but it’s not. We ditched our filing cabinet and unorganized piles of paperwork scattered throughout our house 10+ years ago, and it has been the single most important organization and productivity change we’ve made as a family.  

Since that time, we’ve improved and refined our process, helped many friends and family members go paperless, and taught 1,000+ students to do the same.  We can help you conquer your paper clutter and increase your peace of mind by going paperless as well.

We're excited to announce that our new course-- Paperless Made Simple-- is now available!

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This course is for you if you…

  • Are sick of paper piles cluttering up your house  
  • Lose precious time digging through filing cabinets and hanging folders to try to find the documents you need
  • Want an efficient and time-saving system for storing and accessing your documents any time, from any location, with just a few clicks

Paperless Made Simple is a practical, step-by-step course that walks through the essential theory, technical details, and practical workflow of creating and utilizing your digital filing cabinet. 

Integrating our simple paperless workflow into your daily routine will be a total game changer, eliminating paper clutter without taking much extra time out of your day at all. Once you have the workflow down, being paperless will be second nature-- you’ll do it without even thinking about it!

Sound good? Paperless Made Simple is the shortcut you need to get there!


In the course we'll guide you through our four-part paperless process step by step:

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Part 1: Capture

  • The truth about scanners and why mobile processor and camera technology means you no longer need to drop hundreds of dollars on a big, expensive scanner
  • The best mobile scanning apps and proper configuration to save time and create high quality digital documents
  • Proper document naming conventions and file types to future-proof your digital filing cabinet
  • How to make sure your documents are processed using OCR (optical character recognition) technology
  • How to build a daily “capture” habit

Part 2: Process

  • How to properly use notebooks, stacks, and tags within your Evernote account

  • The benefits of tags and how they provide the freedom and efficiency necessary to have an organized digital filing cabinet

  • How to schedule and execute your weekly processing session

  • How to organize and prioritize “next action” items so that you actually complete them!

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Part 3: Access

  • How to quickly search within Evernote for document titles, tags, and even text within the body of documents using OCR technology

  • The best way to utilize adaptable search filters  to find any document you need within seconds

  •  How to quickly access documents on the go and share your digital filing cabinet with your spouse/partner

Part 4: Secure

  • How to safely store account recovery codes and a legacy plan for your digital filing cabinet

  •  How to easily protect select documents with note-level encryption

  •  How to create multiple secure backup layers of your digital filing cabinet

  • How to perform periodic maintenance on your digital filing cabinet

Declutter Your House in a Weekend Guide, Printables, and Bonuses | https://abbylawson.com/declutter-your-house

After you’re prepared to execute your paperless workflow moving forward, we’ll talk about an easy, manageable way to digitize the documents that are currently taking up space in your home by completing...

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The Great Paper Purge

  • Why it’s necessary to build a paperless habit and understand the workflow before the Great Paper Purge

  • How to make the Great Paper Purge easy by dividing up documents into one of three simple categories

  • How to determine your "Paper Purge Personality Type" to complete the process on your preferred timeline in a systematic manner

And don't forget about our helpful bonuses that will make it even easier to implement the paperless strategies you've learned throughout the course!


  • Tips for integrating paperless habits into your life so it happens naturally and feels less like work

  • How to get your spouse/partner on board with going paperless (even if they aren't excited about it at first)

  • How to handle taxes now that you're paperless

  • Advanced Evernote backup automation with Zapier

  • And more!
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[regularly $297]

Paperless Made Simple student Kristy R. said:

"I now have an instant plan to process my mail and paperwork as it comes in daily. It's a small habit that's making a huge difference in our sanity and family organization."

Your Paperless Future

Paperwork is constantly piling up-- kids’ school work, mail, tax documents, youth sports papers, medical paperwork-- I could go on and on!

This course will give you a simple road map that takes you from a mountain of unorganized paper to a place where nothing gets left behind. You will have immediate access to any document at any time with your digital filing system. AND you’ll eliminate those piles of paper clutter at the same time. It really is a win-win.

If you’re ready to reduce your clutter, save time, increase your privacy, have instant access to your most important documents, and enjoy seamless collaboration with others, Paperless Made Simple is the ultimate shortcut that will get you there.

Paperless Made Simple will help you hit the ground running toward your paperless future!


[regularly $297]

Paperless Made Simple student Kellie B. told us:

"I am blown away by how easy you all have made the process. Everything is thoroughly explained and simple to follow... just being able to better manage the paperwork, receipts, etc. that comes into my home will be a complete game-changer for me. This has already been worth every penny. Well done and thanks for developing such a great course!"

Frequently Asked Questions

Paperless Made Simple student Dana S. said:

"I wish I had this YEARS ago! Donnie makes this simple and easy. He explains everything step by step with great visuals. I was able to back up and watch things again if I didn't quite understand it... I also really liked how Abby and Donnie gave several gentle reminders to start with paperwork that is currently coming in, not trying to start with the years of backlogged paperwork so that it doesn't cause frustration... I am so excited about how life changing this will be!"

Meet the Creators

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Hi! We're Donnie and Abby Lawson-- parents, entrepreneurs, and firm believers in the power of going paperless! Our home was absolutely transformed more than a decade ago when we decided to ditch the paper clutter, and we can't wait to share our tried and true system with you in Paperless Made Simple so that you can achieve the same incredible results!

When we're not blogging, you can find us running on the local trails, cheering on the Pittsburgh sports teams, and going on adventures with our two sons, Connor and Caleb.

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[regularly $297]

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